The Analysis Essay

An analysis is written to take a concept, a piece of writing, a character, an ideology, a philosophy, etc. apart, to discuss its various parts or facets, and then to “re-construct” it with a better understanding, both for oneself and for the reader. It is the type of essay that may be assigned in almost any class – English, history, political science, psychology, philosophy, economics, biology, business, law, and so on. The process is pretty standard and follows some straightforward steps.

Pre-Writing Activities

A topic may have already been assigned by an instructor, or you may have options. Whichever the case, you need to think about the sub-parts of the topic. Supposed you have read an essay written by a libertarian politician and now must analyze it. You need first to take out all of the points he has made. Make a list. He might state that government has become too involved in the life of the individual; he may state that the government is taking rights away; he may state that capitalists no longer have the freedoms to do business as they wish; he may state that individual freedoms have been eroded. To make each of his points he has provided specific examples, and, in the end, he has demanded that government become much smaller and less intrusive.

Think About Each of the Parts

In the case of the essay, you need to explain the points of the essay to the reader, so that both you and s/he have a better understanding of libertarianism. To do this, you prepare an outline that will be translated into the body of your essay.

Write the Rough Draft

Write the body first. Pretend you are a journalist, writing an article as a result of an interview you had with this libertarian. You should have a cursory idea of how to write an article to produce an effective analysis essay. Each paragraph will introduce and explain one of his precepts. Once the body paragraphs are complete, you can go back to the introduction, for now you have a holistic picture of this political ideology. Your introduction will make a general statement about the ideology and “hook” your reader. Your conclusion should wrap up what you have said but you may also add personal reflection at this point. Don’t spend much time on personal opinion, for that is the focus of another type of essay.

Revise and Re-Write

Now it is time to go through what you have written, and check for structure and coherency. Are the points in logical order? Are there good transitions between paragraphs? Then, of course, you must check for grammar, vocabulary, and mechanics. If you do this well, your essay will have the final polish it needs for a good grade.

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