Annotated Bibliography

How to Write a Bibliography

Most students do not understand how to write an annotated bibliography. A well-written bibliography is much more entailed than a student’s skimming through sources and jotting down citations. Plus, there are different types of annotated bibliographies. For instance, there is an MLA style bibliography, and APA style bibliography, and other standardized styles that are defined by the professor or university from where the assignment was generated. Students that do not know how to write a bibliography may not realize that an annotated bibliography requires that a commentary be entered along with each source. Depending on the professor, these commentaries can be extremely detail-oriented, as well as time consuming.

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  • The summary’s source: Tell the main arguments. Convey the point of the article. Reveal the topics that a particular source covered;
  • The source’s evaluation: Was it useful? Why was it including it in the bibliography? Is it more or less valuable than other sources? Did the writer find it to be credible? Was it written from an objective point of view?
  • Reflection of the source: How did this source fit into your paper? What are your personal reflections on its viability and contributions? Does it change the way you think about your topic?
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