Writing an Argumentative Essay

Everyone has opinions, but when students are asked to produce written essays arguing their sides on controversial issues, it is not enough simply to have an opinion. They have to establish a thesis based upon those opinions and then prove their point in a credible way.

To begin this process, one must choose a topic that can be covered in the length requirement. Typical topics might be legalization of marijuana or the voter ID law controversy. Topics such as the ethics of biogenetic engineering will, however, be too broad, and narrowing the topic to a specific aspect of this issue will be necessary, as you may only support or oppose certain facets. The thesis will state your position on the issue (placed in the introduction), the body paragraphs will each address a point in your argument (backed up by evidence, of course), and the conclusion will call for others to believe as you do. Longer essays will involve refuting the opposing view as well.

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