Feb 6, 2018 in Law

Investigation is definite as the work of inquiring into something thoroughly and systematically; this may take a long time or short time depending of the ability to find evidences against the cases. In most cases, investigations do take some time in order to ensure that the information provided about the victim is correct. This may not only involve the police but also the doctors, citizen among other people; the police alone cannot work independently, they need to collaborate themselves with other parties to ensure the intended information in reached. In this paper, I will tackle the police case in a murder case and missing cases (Solzhenitsyn, 1978, p. 13).

To begin with, it is extremely crucial for the police to undergo some training to make sure that they get the required skills and techniques to investigate. In addition, they should be given the authority to serve the citizens. Therefore, the authority will make the police have some powers over the citizens. However, the citizens should also practice trusting the police. In the cases, we find that many of the victims are killed and some sexually assaulted. There is always a remain of some things which the criminal do leave behind like finger print of the victim's body; these small things do provided the police some information which when investigated the criminal is identified (Lange, Moldea, & Vannatter, 1997, p. 56).

Nevertheless, some criminals are usually bright; they tend to be smart when committing a crime, in essence that they try as much as possible to leave no object in the scene of the crime. The will eventually give the police a little hard time to investigate on the matter. In accordance to these, the criminal knows that it is hard to obtain finger from a victim if he or she is drawn in water. Therefore, this does call the police to develop more tactics to cover up for this weakness. In some special cases, the doctors are involved to carry out postmotem. These make it possible for the police to identify much information about criminals. When investigation is carried out, the police learn to handle the information privately until the victim is arrested. Thus, after obtaining more information about the criminal, suspect may be identified upon which can be interviewed (Solzhenitsyn, 1978, p. 53).

In conclusion, the police is an independent force which works depending on other parties; they have to obtain basic information about criminal using the citizens, doctors and other parties. At the long run, the criminal is identified, and he or she is arrested. This usually takes less or more time depending on the ability to find information regarding the case (Lange, Moldea, & Vannatter, 1997, p. 76).

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