Feb 6, 2018 in Research

Recently, people have become eating fast food more than cooking. They are considered the time, saving money, and the taste of fast food restaurants. However, some people said that cooking is the best way to saving money. People who eat fast food more often than cooking at home or make the food manually are suffering from health problems. Many people argue about that subject and what’s the most useful for us. In addition, is it worth when the taste of fast food is better than cooking to sacrifice our health? However, instead of eating fast food restaurants, we should cook at home because of cleanness, and the side effects that caused by fast food. 

The cleanness of the food and the quality of the food are the most important things in food case. In order to get a perfect health, we should eat the healthy food and what our body requests to provide it with food. Therefore, the cleanness of the food makes us more powerful, healthier, and more activated. For example, people who concerned about healthy food “food’s cleanness” are less exposed from diseases than who are not eating that food. Cardiac arrest and the thrombosis are the most common diseases caused by the dirty food or the hackneyed food. Those diseases occurred because of the food’s old oil and the unclean food. By comparing between these two kind of people, we will find that people who eat clean food are don’t nap as much as people who don’t. Also people who become stop eating dirty food are not longer napping, and that proves that the clean food gives us the vitality and activity and provides our bodies with some other benefits.

On the other hand, fast food is too far away from the cleanness of the food. Fast food restaurants are exploiting and controlling us, and people are accepting that. A lot of people become depending on eating fast food and abounding cooking at home, and that has bad consequences. For example, the obesity here in United States has increased since the fast food has spread in U.S. The obesity is one of the side affects that caused by eating fast food, and it leads to laziness and useless. Thus, these two adjectives lead to disable the development and prosperity of communities of economics aspects and the education. Obviously, laziness is preventing us to do something. Therefore, the person will not have the loyalty and the sincerity for his job or to improve his education. However, fast food is the best way to kill our self gradually and to destroy our health unconsciously because of fast food companies. They don’t care about our health and what the useful food for us is. They only considered the economy issues and the revenue of the company because of the way of raising the products and what they are feeding them. For instance, they inject the chickens in order to make them fatter and bigger to save time by chemical materials, and feed the animals with inappropriate food that make them bigger. That causes disease, such as, cancer.

Cooking at home has advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages of cooking outweigh the disadvantages. Cooking at home is the perfect way to get the clean, useful food, and to avoid being exposed to the cancer or some other disease that caused by the food. Nowadays, families are not gathering or sitting together as much as in the past, and that leads to disperse and lost the members of the family. The dispersion of the family has bad consequences, such as; the children become addicted to drugs. Cooking is almost the only thing that gathering the family, and sitting in the same table to discus some matter problems. Furthermore, cooking is a hoppy with some people in which they can innovate in by changing the flavor in the same dishes. For instance, some people cook the chicken with hot sauce. Others like it with a different sauce. Also, cooking may represent culture by cook the traditional food and that remind us of our grandparents and what they were eating. For example, as an international student study in United States when I cook the traditional food it reminds me of my country and my culture. Basically, cooking is an enjoyable action that has a lot of mysterious value, and it’s the best way to avoid the caner of kidney, colon, esophagus, and endometrium.

In conclusion, people believe that it’s impossible to stop eating fast food. However, we can determine if we want it or not by thinking about the past and how people lived without eating fast food, and start learning how to cook. People consume 50% more calories and fat when they eat out than when they cook at home. However, people should cook at home and stop eating fast food to avoid the diseases that come from the fast food, and to have healthy life. It’s not worth when we sacrifice our health in order to get a tasty food, or just because we don’t have time to cook. It’s simple, cook to your self to keep your health.

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