Feb 6, 2018 in Research

With the increase in technology and the use of the internet for communication (for example Facebook), people tend to show off as if they are or as if they are not the ones being spoken to. This makes people say things that they could not have spoken face to face to the other in real life. Therefore, this raises the concern about which people should be better aware of by now. One should be real and ignore the anonymity that drives to such actions; people should reveal their real identities and stop the misbehavior online. A person may be encouraged greatly by the likes that may boost his or her self-esteem and cause such a poor self-control.

The online communication can give a positive impression that everything is imparted to us, therefore making us have the sense of entitlement; this is the main reason why people might be lashing out so strongly at the others who do not share their opinions. These are poor impressions displayed by people impaired by alcohol. Therefore, people that stay more connected do usually have ties in their network, but it makes them involve in the poor-eating habit which make them obese.

Nevertheless, the question why people are so rude online still rings in people’s minds.  Actually, this was as a result of the work of people which had not farsighted peoples’ reaction online. To stress more on the bad habits, many people tend to forget the fact that they are speaking to loud when communicating online. Sometimes, this may cause some people to yell at the others or impart a negative influence to them.

In conclusion, some critical issues such as politics may cause separation among people. It occurs due to the difference in people’s thinking and how they hand matters. Most people tend to feel that they belong to some political groups; they may discuss their views with friends, but if a friend tells something that a person does not want to hear, he or she might go online and upset or berate a friend. Therefore, people should get the sense that online communication has to be the same as the face-to-face one. 

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