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This is a movie that encompasses the way musicians hustle their way to gain fame and prosper in the musical industry. This is evidence by when the participants engage in the auditions for the annual international championships for a Cappella. This was an activity that placed many musicians at a competition for a prize; these activities were done annually and it included students both from colleges and also the hipsters. The story is majorly based on an outsider who looks to find their rhythm and rhyme to the evolving youngsters through a series of competitions.  In contrast, many of the young participants find themselves in some practices before the auditions. On the other hand, the movie is likewise attended by musical mash-ups, bang-up choreography, competition jiggers, egocentric stars, love, heartbreak and relationship that are brought about as unharmonious as they come.

According to this movie, we are able to see that there are several underground smacks down who see the need of prospering in the field of music.  We are to see the group of Bella’s interviewing different musicians for outside; this is evidence when Beca finds herself in Bella’s an audition. This was a result of Bella’s running her crazy due to the circumstance that she admired her profession. This makes many of the young musicians be motivated; as we can see Beca was motivated and finally joins the musical industry (Campbell, 2006, p. 55).

Later in the movie, there was a need for Bella, to recruit other young musician in the group; as a consequence Bella came with the several strategies of recruitment. Internship strategy, in this king of strategy, the learner is expected to follow the group where it goes as he or she learns sluggish by slowly but at the long run he or she find their way in the group.  These methods or strategy is commonly used by many musicians as well as groups. Studies reveal that one is talented to get the real aspect of the concept learnt when he or she has the necessary skills at hand. He or she has the capability to get in touch with various instruments and also know how to use the appropriately. The young musicians are given the chance to get fame by being in the group; later when the young musician leaves the group, he or she has a better history in the eyes of the audience. Most of the artists across the globe do use this method to recruit artist despite them being a burden at the first or early stages of this training (Conlon, 1994, p. 23).

In the second strategy, is that of auditions, in this kind of strategy the artists are made to perfume their song or other artist’s song. While performing, there is a judge who tries to look the rate of the artist. For example, one is given rock music to perform. He or she performs it well and impresses the judges; he or she is picked as a member of the group. However, this method is considered to be crude since the best artists are ever picked by the leading groups to perform the auditions. In addition, there are some musicians who may have not had exposure to some musical instruments; hence they may perform relatively well, but upon some little training, she may do his or her best. This is every attributed by the presentation of the artist.

The third strategy is that of learning is a school for instance, in the movie pit perfect. We find that Beca runs a college that trains the young artist and hipsters to reach their desired goals in life. This is done when the learners are taken into a school and allowed to take some of the musical classes. In these classes, they are taught to play, sing and hand various musical instruments. This can go all the way to working in a radio stations. On is able to get theoretical concepts of music; in many cases this does play in ones basics to the music industry. One is exposed to a wide range of knowledge about music upon which he or she has to select the class that he or she might be interested on. However, this is mainly done by the professors in colleges.

Despite these, using these methods for recruitments of new members, one may be may have positive or negative impacts on behaviors. For example, in the movie Bella’s strategy is that of auditions. Many members are brought together and left to compete and may be of all these, they only choose one or two members only. This may discourage the members and some may be encouraged; for instance if a member falls, he or she will work extra hard to make sure that next time he get a place in the group. Consequently, if a member if a member falls to meet the competition, he or she may be demoralized in this profession.  Therefore, it is necessary when an audition is done, they should pick the members they want and do not leave the other participant empty handed; they may reward them for participation in the auditions. This will encourage the musicians and at one time will find them in the place they wanted to be in terms of the music industry; as studies reveals that motivation is a key concept in teaching learners (Campbell, 2006, p. 44).

Nevertheless, some musicians may wish to work independently. In this way, the group might not get the support that they may need from outsides. This may result to poor musical performance and dis-gusting results to the group or the musician. As a result, a musician may involve in collaboration with other musicians; this will make the musician gain fame and sell their music. On the other hand, a musician may gain some involvement that he or she might not have (Conlon, 1994, p. 53).  

A good example of the above is that of Rihanna and Chris Brown when they released a remix for “Birthday cake” form the band “talk that talk”. This impressed many people across the globe and the album sold much than expected. Thurs, one can say that the act of uniting two or more artist to perform music as one is of benefit to the musicians. As seen earlier, the fans for Rihanna would buy the music produce both Rihanna and Chris Brown. On the other side, the fan for Chris Brown would buy the same album. In this way, they could bring their audiences as the platform. For example, the music for Rihanna and Chris Brown do impress people. Therefore, one can sell much than they could perform independently. In addition, one of the participants may have an idea that the other one might not have. This may impress the audience and make the album sell in masses.

Another example is a collaboration of Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy. We see that Michael has some styles that Eddie Murphy does not. When they come together to perform music, the music may touch the hearts of many since it will encompass many features than when a single artist could perform. In addition, they music may heat the world chat since many might know Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy. These ideas of artist coming together to produce music is a good one since it enhances artist to produce a good music. Nevertheless, some actions image cannot be created well when performing alone; for example, when performing a love song or heart break songs, one may need a partner to perform it well such that of Kenny Rodger and Dolly Parton. They tend to sing in turn, and the information that was meant to be passed is passed out clearly.

Collaboration in music helps the artist to have a good view and capture the heart of the massive. This makes it possible for an artist to be easily known even if he or she strength has not been fame. In some levels, an artist may just agree to be featured so as to pave his or her way to fame or be an attribute for someone’s good music (Conlon, 1994, p. 56).

In the movie, we see that Kendrick is a hipster, but she is not happy to be a burden to the group. As a result, she creates an experimental mash-up using her computer despite her getting an internship with a radio station. From this perspective, we are able to see that in a group people may think differently, but when they come together, they can produce a good music. Nevertheless, there are some participating may drag some group behind. For example, in this movie, we are able to see that Becca is not a good player; she tends to resist to nearly everything the group tries to come up.  Later, in the movie, we see that Becca has a weakness in co-operating with others ever to the extent that she cannot establish a good relationship with Jesse. Their relationship is termed as touch and go; at one time they are in good terms and the next minute she breaks it up. Slowly we are able to see her get caught up in the singing in Kendrick’s good hands. One can easily see that there is a modification that takes place. Therefore, she is not regarded as a good player.

There are more engagements than just competition performances in the movie. There is evidenced when Beca shows her stuff, there is a power struggle to reshape the Bella’s set list is born. Therefore, the movie helps the offset predict the series of show stopping figures, so props to the societies that who can oversee music and choreography. Buy on the other side we find the true players that make a contribution to the group (Thompson & Bohlen, 1975, p. 86).

However, in this movie, Kendrick is depended upon since he has the aptitude to take center stage of the movie.  Her breakthrough came with 2009’s. This was opposite of the formidable George Clooney which make her earns nomination for her supporting actress. She appears successful since she earned a nomination for supporting actress; she has been supporting for six months that year. This makes Beca tougher and stronger presence than what they used to see. However, the movie does not portray the aspect of pitch being perfect, but Kendrick earns her moments in the spotlight with every note that she participates (Strudwick, 1998, p. 48).

Consequently, this movie brings to one attention of what the artists may be going through in the corridors of high school of Glee. One is able to see obviously the live of the characters in the movie; the idea of comparisons and un-avoidance is made clear. This is a play the almost reflects the real life situation of the students in high school. We are intelligent to see that one can develop his or her talent through the help of others. Therefore, the movies bring the idea of dependence in reaching one’s objectives by the help of others.

Last but not least, a characters Wilson has a habit of scene stealing; everything about her is brassy as that suggests. This is compared to the normal real life situations where we see that there are some artists who do copy people ideas to use in their own music; this may benefit them more that the person who had the idea from the very beginning. Therefore, there is a right that protects the music artist from these acts; one an artist does a song, she makes sure that the song is copy righted. This will prevent the external force from interfering with the song (Strudwick, 1998, p. 88).

In conclusion, the movie pitch perfect is majorly based on the challenges that freshman do face while they want to join a group of musicians. Some involve in internships in order to be absorbed by a group of musicians, on the other hand; some engage in the audition in order to be absorbed the group. There are the foremost strategies used by most of the groups across the globe. However, the use of internship to recruit is the method that most of the artists sees as the best; this is where the student is absorbed by a group and she is given practices till he or she matures in the given industry (Thompson & Bohlen, 1975, p. 76). This is opposed to the use of auditions where the artists are left to compete against themselves and judges pick the best in the group.  In this way the artists are left to practices and may be once a year, there might be an audition where they will pick the number of artists the group may require. Nevertheless, this may create positive or negative impressions to the young artists. Therefore, this should be done with care. 

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