Feb 6, 2018 in Review

The Pursuit of Happyness is an original name of movie which was made by Gabriele Muccino and was released in USA in 2006. The movie was based on a true story of Chris Gardner, who was an American businessman, millionaire, the founder of the Gardner Rich investment firm and was just a good father and man. It is a very sentimental story about the fulfillment of American Dream.

In the beginning of the movie Chris appeared to be a typical loser because his wife had left him with a little son, he was incapable of paying the rent, his efforts to sell unnecessary medical equipment were of complete misfortune. Chris was always late everywhere, he lost his shoes just in the middle of the streets, provoked road accidents, was arrested for failure to pay fines. However, he desperately tried to be a good father. Sometimes it seemed that only the miracle could help him, but miracle had never happened. Only due to his own tenacity, hard work and constant learning he got a position in the Dean Witter Reynolds firm. It was a beginning of his stunning career as a broker. Afterwards he found his own investment firm.

This movie definitely has a very inspiring effect. It teaches to believe in oneself and never give up.

During the movie the thought about what is freedom and what is happiness often crossed his mind. Sometimes he made a conclusion that happiness was something absolutely abstract, that the only one thing you can do with it to pursue it. It seems that the well-know thought that “happiness is not about the money” was implied through the whole movie. And the main hero also had realized it.

Prestigious job and financial success was the own vision of happiness for Chris Gardner, because he knew for sure what is like to be a poor person, and all of his goals turned into the great achievements one day.

The character of Chris Gardner in the movie was motivated and optimistic, besides, he was smart and able to maintain the sense of humor and readiness to face all the challenges. He never complained, but the movie evokes the feelings to help the main character to overcome all the difficulties. The minor character, his wife, was made so faint and disappointed, perhaps, to show the contrast. The most supportive was his son, who was convinced that he had an incredible father. To have someone who would believe in you is very important.

Life is full of experiences some of them are positive, some of them are not so excited, but the most important is that they teach. The only way to be happy is not only dream, but to be ready to deal with setbacks.

It is a very powerful movie in which there is no positive or negative side, it is a story about real life. The movie has the only purpose to make us question ourselves one more time who we are, what we want, and what we able to do to pursue our own dreams and happiness.

And possibly, for someone this movie may become a catalyst for starting working on improving the situation in his or her life for better.

Sometimes happiness is just a short moment, reward for the being persistent and relief that you achieved the goal. Never lose the hope, aspire to the dream and attain it and it will be the real happiness that can be experienced by everyone. 

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