• Can customers pay with their debit/credit cards?

    They absolutely may! We allow them to pay with their PayPal balance, bank account, or credit cards. No problem!

  • Is your online payment site fully secure?

    Without a doubt, we go that extra mile to protect our customers. All financial transactions are perfectly secure.

  • What if a customer makes an error when placing an order for academic writing?

    Customers that make errors when placing their orders are asked to contact our customer service department via email or Live Chat. We keep a customer service agent on duty at all times to assist. The customer service agent will gather the details as given by the customer, and will then deliver the message to the writer who will make the necessary adjustments. After the paper has been completed, the customer may request free rewrites and revisions, so we have every customer covered!

  • How do you deliver the writing orders?

    Once a given order is ready, it is uploaded to the customer’s personal order page on our website. The customer simply needs to sign in, go to his or her personal order page and download the paper with a click of a button! Our customers may also opt to have their writing emailed to them at their specified email addresses. We are all about choices and high quality here at Writing-Essays.net!

  • Can my writer or editor contact me if they need to ask me questions or need more information?

    Our writers and editors can notify our customers through the Member Area on the Writing-Essays.net website. It is up to the customer to check for messages regularly. Oftentimes, our writers will want to confer with our customers in order to clarify some custom detail and to make certain that all details are included as ordered. It is better to ask questions and get correct paper than to simply strike out on one’s own without knowing for sure. Our writers pay very careful attention to each and every detail. It is important to them to create the kinds of academic papers that our customers want and deserve.

  • Is this Writing-Essays.net a legal business?

    Yes. Writing-Essays.net is a division of legal business that strictly follows all fair trade directives, consumer protection laws, as well as sale of goods and services legislation. When one feels that his or her consumer rights have been violated, a simple legal recourse is available to reclaim full payment.

  • Is using your services considered as a cheating?

    Absolutely not! Every student needs assistance with academic writing occasionally. We exist to provide that assistance whenever students need it. By purchasing one of our pieces of written academic work, students can get a much better idea of how to write their own materials with greater confidence. In fact, many professors invest in our writing each term so they can attach samples of it to their syllabi for students to learn from. Our professional editing services simply polish each paper that is written by our customers, and makes certain that it is ready to hand in for that top grade!

  • What does Writing-Essays.net do?

    We exist as a professional online custom essay writing service. We also offer professional proofreading and editing services to assist both students and postgraduates. Our professional writers can write, rewrite, edit or proofread any academic or business paper for a cheap price.

  • What makes Writing-Essays.net different from other online writing services?

    Apart from offering the highest quality written essays online for a cheap price, we provide students with the opportunity to buy essays online from the best writers in the entire industry. The custom papers that we sell are second-to-none in content, formatting and overall quality. We offer essay services that go over and above board those offered by the competition. Writing-Essays.net is all about making our customers happy, and providing affordable, high quality writing.

  • When I buy essay services from Writing-Essays.net, how does the process work?

    The process of buying a custom essay from Writing-Essays.net is really quite simple. To hire a writer or editor to process essays online for you, simply click on the Order button on our easy-to-navigate website. To order custom papers, thoroughly complete every step that is included in the order form. For optimization of our essay services, it is important that customers be as possible about the things they want included in their college essays. Customers can easily upload any additional materials, such as files and further instructions while completing their order form. While placing one’s order for professional essays, customers can select a specific write, if desired. Once the order form has been completed, the customer is immediately redirected to the secure page for making his or her payment. Payments for college essays may be made using major credit/debit cards or with an easy-to-use, safe, secure PayPal account. Once we receive the payment, we will either start the process of creating each customer’s professional essays.

  • Can you find professionals to write edit or research any academic subject?

    Absolutely! All essays online are processed by professionals. Since we first opened for business, we have only hired the best, truly professional writers, proofreaders, customer service representatives and editors. Our highly qualified staff never refuses to accept complicated or difficult projects.

  • What happens if I am dissatisfied with your essays online?

    On the extremely rare occasions when customers are not satisfied with their papers, they are granted 10 business days to request revisions by messaging their writers and specifying whatever problem they feel needs attention. We provide free, unlimited revisions until the paper is perfect, in the customer’s eyes, or they may receive a full refund.

  • Will my personal and financial information be kept confidential?

    Here at Writing-Essays.net, we never re-publish any paper or sell any of our papers to third parties. All of our customer’s personal and financial information is used only for the purpose of processing an order and is known only to our customer service department. We do not pass any customer’s personal or financial information on to anyone else without your express permission. We take the confidentiality of every customer very seriously here at Writing-Essays.net!

  • What if my paper is not finished by its deadline?

    In the history of our writing service, we have never returned any customer’s paper late, nor do we plan to start doing so. We guarantee that we have timely delivery, and will make sure that every customer gets his or her paper back on time, every time!

  • May I speak directly to my writer?

    Writing-Essays.net is one of the only writing services on the Internet that not only allows, but also encourages collaboration between customer and writer. We think this helps improve our service.

  • How do I know that my writer/editor is qualified?

    We guarantee that every writer has a graduate-level college degree and a minimum of 5 years professional writing experience in his or her field of expertise. By virtue of the fact that we offer full money back guarantees of customer satisfaction any customer may be confident that his or her important academic writing assignments are in good hands when they are placed in the competent hands of our professional staff.

  • How does someone place an order for writing?

    The process is simple. We ask our customers to proceed to Order page on our website, and to fill out the easy-to -follow order form. Once they have provided all of the necessary details and information regarding their writing orders, and paid, they are on their way to receiving high quality academic writing.

  • How does one pay for an academic writing order?

    Once the order has been confirmed, our customers are directed via prompt, to a secure payment area where they may pay through PayPal or any major credit/debit card.