An Essay on the Great Wall of China – When you have Writers’ block

The scenario is familiar.  You have been assigned research paper writing, and the topic is the Great Wall of China.  You, however, get to choose a specific topic about which you need to write a good essay.  You know next to nothing about this architectural structure, so the choice of a specific topic is a bit out of reach at the moment. 

The best research papers always begin with a clearly defined and refined topic, so that the length and depth parameters of the instructor are met.  When you have little-to-no knowledge about the general topic, however, selection of specific topic of research can be difficult.

If one were to consider the general topic of the Great Wall of China for a college research paper, the first step would be to conduct some general research on the Wall and then to narrow that research down to a more specific focus in which one would have an interest.  Such a focus might include:

  1. The architecture:  If a student has an interest in architecture, this would be the focus area most likely to result in a sound paper.
  2. The historical significance:  How has the wall impacted China’s history and its ability to prevent invasion or promote its isolation from the rest of the world?
  3. Preservation:  As an important historical structure, what can and should be done to preserve this piece of history for posterity?

The possibilities are almost infinite, and a student can easily experience indecision regarding how to do a research paper on an appropriate topic.  At this point, it would be wise to consult professionals at an online custom essay service, perhaps to buy research papers on the topic.  Such papers could be used as examples and thus generate good ideas as well as resources to use.  Usually, student can buy papers at a relatively cheap  price and have starting points for their own writing. The decision to buy research papers is often a good one!