Negligence Essays – The Operative Concept is Causing Harm

There is an entire body of tort laws related to the concept of negligence.  This has developed over the years in order to provide individuals and society with methods to receive compensation, usually money, for harm that was caused by another individual’s or group of individuals’ actions. In a court of law, it must be demonstrated that harm was caused because the defendant did not take reasonable care to prevent harm to another.  Students in criminal justice programs or law schools will find themselves writing essay paper assignments on many aspects of negligence.

Writing an essay for college on negligence usually deals with a scenario provided by an instructor, and it addresses one of three types of harm – harm to a large group of people, harm to an individual, or property damage/loss. 

A typical scenario might be that of a drug company that mixes the labels on two drugs, causing a large number of people to become ill and/or die.  If an instructor says, “Write me an essay on the tort law related to this,” the student will need to write a good paper that thoroughly discusses the laws related to social harm and degree of social harm.

Another body of tort laws concerns individual circumstances, such as the failure of a property owner to adequately fence in his/her swimming pool, thus causing the drowning of a child who wanders onto the property.

Property damage laws obviously relate to such things as car accidents and home damage.

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