Problem Solution Essay Ideas: Where to Look and How to Decide

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The Problem: Is it Personal, Local Community Based or Global?

As tempting as it might be to write an essay about how much you dislike pop music, you’ll want to steer clear of “problems” of a personal nature. Instead, an issue that is of concern to the local community is one that would be most useful for a problem solution essay. What’s wrong with choosing a global problem? They are certainly important, but global problems tend to be extremely complex and solutions unrealistic. You can’t just walk into the United Nations and give a speech after all. Also, global problems might not necessarily be salient to your audience. This is why focusing on a local community problem is best. You might even be the one who actually solves it! By the way, there’s nothing wrong with choosing an issue that doesn’t personally affect you, although it certainly acts as a great motivator if it does.

Finding a Problem

In order to look for a problem, you should consider the following suggestions:

  • Think about a problem in the community you’ve faced and try to determine whether others in the area might also be bothered by it;
  • Talk to your family, friends, roommates, dorm mates, classmates, co-workers, fraternity brothers or sorority sisters;
  • Look through area newspapers.

Deciding on the Topic

After considering a few important local problems, it is time to pick the one that’s best for you.

  • Determine how legitimate the problem really is. For example might be true that your community lacks a skating rink and this really bothers you, but it’s hard to consider that a pressing problem;
  • Think about problems that you have at least some knowledge about and have real interest in. If unemployment is a big problem in your community, but you really dislike economics, you are going to struggle mightily at finding solutions;
  • Assess the feasibility of your solution. If it requires raising a lot of money, it might not be realistic. If you live in a small town and think having a sit down with the mayor might be effective, go for it. But if you live in Chicago, it’s very unlikely that Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is going to schedule time with you. The bottom line is you can’t just shoot for the moon with your solution, you must decide on something reasonable.