Creating Effective Dialogue in English Essays

If you are enrolled in an English class at a high school or college, or if you are a budding writer trying to enhance his/her ability to create great works of fiction, you will likely need to practice writing dialogue.  This is not meant to refer to the actual mechanics of punctuation, but rather creating a dialogue that reveals characters’ personalities and moves the plot along at a good pace.

Good dialogue can accomplish several things:

  1.  It can give the reader insights into a character.  Use of slang, regional colloquialisms, or an advanced vocabulary immediately tells the readers important things about a hero and even his/her place within the setting.   A dialogue must also be realistic.  Thus, a professor would not use typical “street” talk when amongst his colleagues.  Should he use “street” talk and vulgarities outside of his professional circles, however, the reader immediately has insight into this individual.  Perhaps he is living two separate lives!
  2. Dialogue can move a plot along.  Prose narration is usually rather boring. It is far more interesting for a reader to glean the conflicts and the rising action through what the characters say to one another.  Using dialogue holds the readers’ attention in a far better way.
  3. Dialogue can show emotions and feelings.  Good dialogue with appropriate choice of words will reveal emotions of a hero to the reader.  As these emotions change, so will the words of the character.  The writer will not have to tell his audience that he/she is happy or sad (this is boring!) – His/her spoken words will do the “telling.”

Creating good dialogue takes practice, and if you are unsure of your skills in this area, it is perfectly reasonable to reach out to an online custom essay service that has professional writers who are able to create dialogue for you.  In many instances, if you order essay examples that feature well written dialogues, you may find that you can get them for a relatively cheap price and use some of the ideas as you create your own piece of writing. Online essay companies actually provide various services to students who need assistance or who want to buy essay products, either samples or fully original works.  If you do not know how to create a good college essay, for example, you can contact a service with your topic and they can assist in many ways.  For an English essay assignment that requires dialogue, seeing samples produced by good writers helps a lot.  Or you can simply say, “Do my essay,” and a writer will be happy to help.

Writing dialogue for a narrative English essay is sometimes best left until the plot is carefully outlined and even written in prose.  Once you have your story line and the characters firmly entrenched in your mind and actually down on paper, it is then easier to go back through the narrative and locate all of the areas where dialogue can be inserted to replace your prose.  You can thus replace large sections of rather boring “telling” with the actual words of the main characters. In order to better understand this concept, you might want to re-read your favorite novel.  What kept you intrigued and interested – the descriptions or the dialogue?  Chances are it was the dialogue, and you will then see how a master author uses dialogue to create a compelling work that people want to read.