Writing Good Resumes

The importance of preparing a winning resume cannot be overrated.  All of the degrees, background and previous experience will mean nothing if they are not presented correctly when a resume must be sent to a potential employer.  Face it – this is the only impression a hiring manager will have of you, and there are hundreds of resumes submitted for every job advertised.  Weeding through them is the task of the first-line gatekeeper in an HR office, and only those that are compelling and exciting will escape the fate of the trash can.  When your resume presents you in an exceptional way, you will get an interview, and, perhaps, the position.

You must think of the resume as a sales campaign.  While you may not have much experience in marketing, you certainly are bombarded by it every day.  How do companies sell their products; how do lawyers sell their services?  You can take a few tips from these marketing strategies and try to translate them into a sales campaign of you.  By now, you should understand that you cannot simply put together a boring 1-2 page document that lists your education, your past employment details, and experience that would be relevant to the position for which you are applying.  You have to get someone’s attention just like TV and radio ads do!

A resume must garner attention immediately. If it does not, it will be discarded. Here are the most important tips you should consider when creating your resume.

  1.  Visual impact is important.  Using bold, large lettering to highlight items that will grab attention is critical, because most readers will only glance through resumes quickly.  The bold large print will catch their attention.
  2. Many employers only read the first few lines – those that speak to career goals or encapsulate the professional strengths of the applicant.  Your first few lines should be compelling and related directly to the position opportunity.
  3. Do not go on and on about the details of your tasks and responsibilities of current and former positions.  Use bullets with phrases that have action verbs.  Instead of, “In this position I was responsible for ensuring that quality control measures were implemented and improved,” you want to use short phrases, such as:
  • Supervised all quality control implementation
  • Designed new quality control procedures and policies when warranted

Now you look like a person who takes charge, makes decisions, and does something!

  1. Be certain that all grammar and punctuation is perfect. If you are sloppy on your resume, you may be a sloppy employee, and nobody wants one of those!
  2. Do not get into a mode of bragging about yourself. Potential employers tend to think of braggarts as individuals who are not team players. Most of all, you want to indicate that you are a team player and that you can fit into the work environment well.

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