Identifying a Research Topic and Focus

Research paper writing is unlike other academic writing, such as basic essays, book reviews, etc.  This piece involves careful topic selection, choosing a focus and purpose, and then conducting a great deal of research to gather the information and/or data needed to inform, persuade, explain, etc.

Choosing the Topic

To write research paper works, a topic must come first. In some cases the large topic area is selected by an instructor.  For example, a topic might be global warming.  You, then, will be charged with narrowing that topic to a specific focus area.

If you are challenged to choose your own topic, pick one in which you have an interest, for it will be much easier to research and write.  You may have an interest in theories related to the creation of the universe, but you must narrow that to a specific focus.

Finding a Focus

The best way to find your focus is to do some initial reading on the general topic area.  You will then be able to come up with a narrow focus that peaks your interest. A focus for global warming might be the contribution of current methods of raising livestock; a focus for universe creation might be a single theory that you find compelling.  Your thesis will come once your focus is found and will be related to your purpose.  Are you trying to convince people that global warming could be significantly decreased by better livestock raising methods?

When you Struggle

Grappling with a research paper is common among students. Sometimes students choose to consult with research paper writing services in order to get needed help with research paper topics, the research itself, and, as well to buy research paper works, either as models or as original pieces.  Online custom essay and paper help can be beneficial if trustworthy research paper writing services are used, but students often buy cheap price papers and are then disappointed.  If you go this route, check out the reputation first.  Research papers online can be of huge assistance to those who struggle with this type of writing.